Too Early

I’ve been waking up super early lately. I had been really annoyed by this as I was unable to get back to sleep when the Holy Spirit whispered so gently…”Talk with me.”

It’s quiet at 4 in the morning. The house is still, but my mind has been racing…thoughts zoom past…what if and worst case scenarios compete for my attention and anxiety snaps me to attention.

“Talk to me,” He whispers again.

Why is it so hard to pray and yet, so easy to fret and worry?

I think one reason may be that worry is easy…natural. It becomes an automatic response…prayer to God breaks the cycle…it allows interruption to the worry highway.

“I’m here with you. “

Each whispered word pierces my dark bedroom and my clouded heart.

What kind of God reaches out to the lonely and burdened! What kind of God enters the mess of a life like mine!

The God who gave His very life to save me. My merciful faithful Savior King! He desires to take my heavy burdens and be the lifter of my head.

I am so glad You’re here with me, Lord. Let’s talk. I have so much to share with You.

#prayer #holyspirit #hearme #near #wait #worry #stress #bestill

#p31obs #proverbs31 #grace #jesus #savior #jesuspaiditall #christian #faithoverfear #faithhopelove #encouragement #beanxiousfornothing #bedeeplyrooted


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