Rejection really stinks…and it seems Iike I’m in a season of rejection lately…one after another for years now. For this sensitive woman, I’ve had all I can take #tbh And yet, even in this desperate, broken place, the Lord is faithful to meet, hold, and speak to me. He reminded me, once again, that He never rejects me, but accepts me as I am and loves me unashamedly! He reminds that rejection is often protection and that in it, I’m called to trust Him. He reminds me that the real battle is not against the people who have rejected me, but against the enemy of my soul…the one bent on destroying the glory of God because he wants it all for himself. Jesus reminds me that I’m to fight this enemy…not with earthly weapons, but with armor of God and the sweet and powerful weapons of surrender and peace where my hands and fingers aren’t wringing in anxiety and fear but are steady and strong! Rejection punches to the heart of a person…it hits their worth…their identity…I’m choosing to trust the Lord through this most difficult season…that He has my best interest in His heart and will bring me to a wide open space. He will open wide my mouth and fill it! I’m choosing to be brave in the waiting. How about you? #rejection #brave #armorofgod #jesus #accepts #enemy #fight #trust #worth #good #hands #waiting


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