The Positive Influence of Writing

Writing Contest

The Positive Influence of Writing

I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life. Hosted by Positive Writer. When my friend forwarded me the contest info, I was instantly excited, because I love writing, reading, and all things Words. Books, blogs, essays and articles. Some people like numbers, think in numbers, and math, but I am definitely a letter girl.

New to the world of blogging, writing has taken on a deeper meaning. I have allowed my writing to be seen by others. I didn’t realize how exposed I would feel as I send out my newly hatched posts. The risk of baring feelings, emotions, and hard learned lessons is high. I hadn’t realized how high until I started putting things out there for all to see. It was a humbling experience to publish my thoughts for others to read and possibly not like or worse…not feel anything!

Apparently, I had a visions of grandeur. Only a few people read my post and responded well to it, but then I was left with wanting more. More readers, more opinions, more opportunities to write…more…and write I did…it flowed out of me for about a month and half. Then life happened and now, as I have started a new job, I am finding the time issue to be hampering my writing ability. Oh, the problems of a blogging, working momma!

What I have discovered, to my surprise and delight, is the writing community that surrounds me is supportive, encouraging, and engaging. Where I had thought I would find competition and scarce opportunities, I have been shown kindness, given chances, and granted wisdom. These gifts have strengthened my desire to stay blogging and remain steadfast on this journey.

I am not alone and that makes all the difference.


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