It’s An Investment

Last year at a women’s retreat at Monadnock Bible Conference, I met the speaker, a woman that would change my life. It is my honor to introduce you to my mentor and friend, Jeanne Doyon. She is real, honest, and transparent. She has invested in me and my writing to help me pursue the dream that God has placed in my heart. She edits, encourages, and engages me to keep writing…She has featured me on her blog The Stream’s Edge. Below is the post from her site. Make sure to check out her writings…I know you will be encouraged too!


As I am now in my forties, hindsight is long and indeed useful for showing me how the Lord has been with me all my life. Circumstances, choices, and “coincidences” reveal His love, care, and provision over and over again. But none more than the godly people He has placed in my life to mentor, invest, and guide me in His ways.

These people loved the Lord and saw something in me that I couldn’t see in myself. They saw value where I saw deficiency. They saw potential, gifting, and talent where I saw average, plain, and ordinary. These people didn’t view me higher than anyone else, but because of their love for the Lord, they valued me. Because of the wisdom of the Lord, they were willing to foster the potential they saw to help bolster my faith.

With encouraging words, quality time, and listening ears, these people…these precious gifts instilled in me a desire to know their God…this Jesus that they loved so much. Why would they care for me? What made them invest in me?

Friends, never underestimate the power of a kind word or gesture!

Something small and maybe insignificant to you, can literally change the course of someone’s life. A small, “how’ve ya been?” and then really listening. Truly wanting to spend time with another person can be such a gift.

We see this with Paul and Timothy. As Paul writes his second letter to Timothy from prison (some experts say this was his last letter), we catch an intimate glimpse into how much time Paul has invested in Timothy.

 You, however, know all about my teaching, my way of life, my purpose, faith, patience, love, endurance,  persecutions, sufferings…3:10-11

We are all busy. I get it…truly. But busyness in NOT godliness. I feel so strongly about being intentional with investing in others. God brings people into our lives every day. Now, with internet, we have more exposure to people than ever before. How are we loving other people? Are we investing? Are we willing to spend time with people? Can we teach and encourage?

The people the Lord used to mentor me were not scholars, counselors, or professionals, but ordinary individuals willing to let Jesus love me through them. Are you willing?


One thought on “It’s An Investment

  1. Melissa, sweet sister. You have blessed and humbled me today. I love spending “virtual time” with you from across the miles. He has a plan for you–but you know that….I appreciate you sharing your heart on my blog this week.

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