No one wants them…the world tells us they are bad, shameful, contemptible…we try to hide them…mask them…deny them, but we all have them: weaknesses.

I have loathed mine…always wishing, hoping, and praying them away…yet, they remain. They have been such a cause of frustration, anger, anxiety.

Once again, the Lord, as He actively pursues my heart and my affection, has brought me to a new understanding of weakness. As He and I delve deeper into my weaknesses, I am seeing them not as shameful things to be kept hidden, but opportunities for Him to be glorified…for His name to be lifted up and beauty made from dust.

Out of the Father’s great heart and love for us, He allows our weaknesses as opportunities for intimacy and dependence on Him. In His desire for our love, our affection, and our faith, He gives us the power of the Holy Spirit to help when we are weak…when we have no words to utter…when our giants are so overwhelming, His power gives us strength!

Straight out of the Father’s lavish, extravagant love, we, though weak, are made strong, made more than conquerors, made victorious!

Thank you Jesus for showing how weakness is strength…for you left heaven to take on flesh, weaknesses and frailties yet without sin to take our punishment…And now, the same power that raised you from the dead is the very same power that dwells in all believers!!!

Today, I don’t celebrate my weaknesses, but I celebrate my Lord and Savior, who loves me even in my weakness! To make much of Him!

#weakness #hisstrength #faith #holyspirit #freedominchrist #freeindeed #fearnot #worship #power #fathersheart


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