Come & Talk With Me

Do you hear Him whispering, “Come, sweet child. Sit with me a little longer”?

The Father’s heart is always about creating a place of intimacy where I can simply be with Him…where He can reveal more of Himself…His love, His mercy, His grace, and His Son. In this closeness, I am strengthened, equipped, and protected.

This is often difficult for me for many reasons. Am I worthy? I’m too busy doing things my own way. I got all the things covered. Or, I’ve been let down before, so I wall myself off so I don’t get hurt again. If I keep my expectations low, disappointment isn’t quite as devastating.

Perhaps you, dear one, have trouble believing this truth for yourself too.

You are so precious! You are loved!

God is speaking today! Listen and go! Let the truth of His word wash away doubt and fear. He wants you to be with Him.

Thank you Father God for your intimate call to each one of your children. Help us to respond with humility, surrender, and faith. In Jesus’ name Amen

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