For Me?

If I’m honest, I will have to tell you that I’ve been struggling…struggling with faith…now I KNOW without a doubt that the word of God is True. It is THE truth, but I struggle with believing it’s for me. I read the promises, stories, and instructions and I have all sorts of head knowledge. If you needed help, I could guide you to scripture and give you wisdom, but if I’m totally open and dangerously honest, I really struggle believing the extravagant promises of the Lord are mine.

You see, my faith has taken a beating. Perhaps yours has too? When my faith is weak, I am not in a place of trusting the Lord. I begin to strive, to fix things in my own strength. I leave the shadow of His wing. In order to not be disappointed and somehow defend God (which is really just a crazy thought) I keep expectations low, which lead to a strange wallowing place where I begin to get comfortable with less than God’s best. Here in this wallowing place, my hope begins to wither, fade, and die.

Not this day! I am declaring my God is living among us, He is a mighty warrior who takes great delight in me WITH gladness. With His love, He calms all my fears and rejoices over ME with joyful songs!

I am claiming this promise. It is yours to declare over your life too, sweet friend. Today is a good day because our Jesus is truth, His word is Truth and His promises are for every believer! #faith #promises #declaration #jesusgirls #motherhood #worth #rejoice #tbh #holyspirit #freedominchrist #freeindeed #fearnot #worship #boldfaith #boldprayers #scaryprayers #openhands #kingdom #trust #expecting


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