I Am Seen


Life was busy with two little kids, teaching, ministry, and marriage. Who had time to deal with septic problems? Not only were the issues prohibitively expensive, they were quite disruptive to our daily lives. So, my husband and I did like we always did – trudged on. Keith, being amazingly smart and thankfully not bothered by septic smells, fixed the issues. Life got back to normal, but it wasn’t long before the issues were back.

If you have never experienced a backed up septic problem, get on your knees right now and shout out a big, “HALLELUJAH!!! Thank you JESUS!!!” At first, we could laugh. We are blessed with potty humor, but as the issue got bigger, we stopped laughing. It wasn’t funny. Struggling financially, the cost to fix the issue might as well have been a million dollars.

It seemed impossible. The hardest part through this whole process was feeling so invisible to God. Prayers, petitions…all resulted in only the worsening of the problem. I wasn’t asking for boots, jewelry, or some other luxury item…

Lord, Your word says that You will supply all my needs. Is this not a need? Am I unworthy? Is some sin keeping Your answer away from me? Do you even notice my family here?

Have you ever felt like this? Totally unseen, overlooked by God…That your problems aren’t important to Him, because… (Fill in the blank).

May I tell you something? I was wrong.

Can I tell you something else? If you have those same thoughts, you are wrong too. Let that comfort you…because our God is the God Who Sees – El Roi. No one is out of His sight!

As for me, I am poor and needy, but the Lord takes thought for me. You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God! Psalm 40: 17

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me, “for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” Genesis 16:13

On a Saturday morning, naked in the shower, the water rising around my feet, I gave up. I told my sweet Savior, that I was all done. I wish I could take this part out of my story, but I feel I must be honest. I saw all the answered prayers for others, but not mine. People going on vacation, buying all organic food, going out on dates with their husbands and here I was ankle deep in poop water…naked.

Yup…there I was…but so was God. He didn’t leave me in my 30 – something temper tantrum. In fact, He saw me, loved me, and answered my prayer!

The next day at church, our pastor, unbeknownst to us, announced that there was a family in need of a big septic overhaul and asked the congregation to help with the cost. In about 15 minutes, we had enough money to fix the problem! God. Sees. Me!!!

As amazing as it was to see the money raised, it was being seen that filled my heart with joy! Knowing God saw me in my darkest time was life changing – so much so that I pray often that people will know God sees them right where they are, because I know what power there is in being seen.

As the septic work was being done, I asked the surveyor just how bad it was. He told me that it shouldn’t have worked at all, never mind for as many years as it had. God was always there…always working.

Knowing that Jesus is El Roi, changed my life. I pray you know how much you are loved and seen. Please comment below and I would be so honored to pray for you.




15 thoughts on “I Am Seen

  1. Melissa, I love this real life story about El Roi. It’s easy to think God did that for Hagar. That was the Old Testament. He had a plan for her life. She knew Abraham and had his child. But your story shows us that His Name, El Roi, is WHO He is. And the Bible tells us that God, El Roi, is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER!! That means now .. for you and me.

    Thank you for bringing God’s name and His Word alive so that we can know that He sees us today.

    And thank you for sharing my new book, I Know His Name, and my FREE 5-Day Devotional with your friends. I am so honored that you would give a day of content away to share about one of the magnificent names of God in the book.

    I’m thankful the Lord connected us through P31 OBS so long ago.



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  2. Melissa my sweet friend. I love reading your blog. You keep it real girl! Thank you for your transparency, thank you for sharing this gifts God has given you with so many and thank you for being you. You are a true love blessing my friend!

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    1. Totally agree!! I was so touched by her story … real, authentic and reflecting a heart of humility. Thanks for stopping by Sharon. 🙂



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  3. You couldn’t be more on point! Even when we feel he isn’t there he is, and it’s always with a plan much larger than ours. Foolish us 😀. I will always remeber that day at church because the love poured out was truely the love of God, destined for some special people.

    God’s blessings guys,


  4. I think this is also my favorite name for God – one that He has made Himself known to me so many times. Each time I am in awe that He has taken notice of me. Each time I trust Him all the more. Thanks for your transparency, Melissa!!

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  5. I will never forget the blessings poured out on us. What a time of struggle it was. I remember our church family stepping in and raising the money. The great work done by another family at our church and the pastor litterally getting in the trench and digging in to help, shovel in hand. I had just broken my tail bone and fracture my t12 vertebrae and was no help . The work was done at cost and the remainder of the money was given to us. We were able to pay our bills while my back was healing. What a blessing from God. Im am continually blessed everyday with work. My carpentry co. Has grown and i know that the Lord is the reason. Thank you Jesus for always being with us. Thanks to all your obedient disciples for following your lead. May God bless them all for their obedience and love.

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  6. Melissa so glad you re-blogged this. What a beautiful reminder of how our God sees us. Love His names, but especially this one.


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