A New Bible for A New Year

I am so excited to let you know that my sweet and funny friend Nicki Koziarz has featured me on her Friends on Friday blog post. Join in the conversation for a chance to win an ESV journaling Bible…sold out on Amazon! Blessings to you and your “Elizabeths.”




17 thoughts on “A New Bible for A New Year

  1. I have a few Elizabeth’s in my life. The first is my wonderful 18 year old daughter Taylor. I love her strength and dedication to our Lord God. My wonderful sister Liz who is always there for me to help me stay on track. My fantastic friend Pam who is always there for a prayer when needed. I am so blessed to have them in my life!

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  2. My friend Hannah is my Elizabeth. We do lots of complaining about piles of laundry but she is the first person I turn to when I need some Jesus centered encouragement!

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  3. My ‘Elizabeths’ are a good friend Patricia, Sheila, and Diane. They each have been in my life at different times but I can contact them and we can pray together and praise God for all he’s done and is doing in our lives.

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  4. I have a Elizabeth in my life is my daughter the oldest out of seven. She was born to a teenage mom that she was a miracle from the start .Frances was a born at days from eight months her lungs where not yet develop yet.Many children died in Hospital because of a virus .She made it God has taught me so much throw her she has always taught me to always forgive and forgive at the age of 18 her father left them and she always said just let him be mom.she has always been there for me instead of me being there for she is a great young lady .Im so thankful to have her.


  5. I am so blessed by those “Elizabeth’s” in my life. We do life together….laugh, cry, pray, tell stories, comfort and seek His Face when we don’t understand. When necessary, we remind each other that we CAN Believe what God has spoken in His Word! Unfortunately as life rushes onward, it is more difficult to connect with these sweet women. Would love to slow down and allow God to color the pages of our days…. As only He can…bring them to life!

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  6. I must be totally honest. I have many friends but I tend to isolate and not share “me” very well. I’m all good with listening to someone else and showing empathy to them, but I have great difficulty showing what I feel are my inadequacies and weaknesses. I think people call this pride. I’m asking God to help me with my trust issues. How easy it is to be real with strangers. That’s sad, but I’m in bible study, and I know God is working on my heart…I sense the convictions.

    Sweet Blessings for a post to make me think about being real.


    1. Thanks so much for your honest comment. I’m so glad my post resonated with you. I am keeping you in prayer. I have faith God, in His tender mercies, will bring just the right person to help you let your guard down and reveal the real you! God bless you Donna 💜


  7. I have has a couple of ladies who has been that person to minister and encourage me, but in the last few months I have felt alone and it has made me more dependant on my Father. I have grown closer to him and now my focus is on my prayer life and having a deeper study of God’s word. My friend suann is an amazing friend and sister in Christ and I know she is always just a phone call away. She has helped me through many things. She is a true blessing from the Father.

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  8. My “Elizabeth” is a special sister-in-Christ named Michelle. We met at a bible study years ago and God formed a strong friendship that I value everyday. She is encouraging and real – and always speaks truth. I can share anything with her and be completely myself (which can be difficult) which is why God chose her to walk alongside me. I thank Him for putting her in my path.

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  9. My daughter Ashley is my Elizabeth and as she goes through her trial in life with a preterm pregnancy scare and is stuck in the hospital missing her precious 3 year old I have tried to be her Elizabeth. We have discussed a lot lately how Mary’s pregnancy so many years ago…alone in that stable with just a young Joseph … how difficult that must of been. ❤️
    My P31 Group 12 have become mini Elizabeth’s to me as we pray & encourage each other 😍

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    1. Thank you for sharing Vicki. I will be praying for your precious daughter and her babies. She is blessed to have a strong praying momma! The P31 small groups are such a blessing! I’m so glad you’re in one ☺ Keep me posted on your daughter.


  10. My Elizabeth is my sweet friend and sister-in-Christ, Angie; she is also my boss and confidante. We met years ago ago as teachers in the public school setting. The Lord had set us both on journeys to follow Him…she to help start a private school at her church and my family and I to head off as missionaries in a foreign country. When we returned home, we recrossed paths. Our children go to her school, and I have taught there 4 years. Now, He is sending our family to another state on another journey for a new season. She is always there for me– listening to my fears, struggles, happyand sad moments; news about God’s direction, and shehas been right by my side through all 4 of the deaths of my grandparents. She always directs me to Him through Scripture and encouraging words. God has given me such a praying, godly, TRUE friend!!!

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  11. I currently don’t have any Elizabeth’s in my life, even though that is such a deep desire in my life! I pray that God would connect me with women to develop not only friendships with but spiritual support and guidance from! My mom had been my Elizabeth throughout my life, but unfortunately she went to heaven 7 months ago leaving a big, empty hole in my life! I would love to receive this Bible as a place to record my questions, struggles, and hope found in reading God’s Word. While I search for reassurance related to my mom and the areas of guilt I have, and as I pray for Elizabeths to come into my life!


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