Famine part 1

2kings79Towards, the end of my daughter’s fifth grade year, my husband and I were in prayer as to what to do about her education. The school board had decided to move the sixth graders to the high school. Keith and I did not agree, but wanted to follow the Lord’s plan, not our own.

Homeschooling sounded daunting to me…a huge responsibility. Plus, I would have to quit my job in order to teach Emeria. Prayer was our only option. I informed the Lord that I would do whatever He called me to, but to please let it come out of Keith’s mouth.  I wanted us to be totally united in this faith walk.

After months of prayer, the Lord spoke through Keith and we started homeschooling the next fall. We were leaving our comfort zone and heading out to wherever the Lord would lead.

Keith is self-employed as a contractor. So, in my mind, I assumed that because I had drawn a line in the sand and left my comfort zone, that it only made sense that the Lord would bless my husband with abundant work, not only to make up the difference in me not working, but also because we had obeyed.

Yeah, not so much…

Lysa Terkeurst calls this the Famine Phase, a dry, difficult phase where growing is necessary, but often challenging and painful. And, to complicate life, we were also dealing with a tween who was adjusting to a whole new way of life.

To be honest, I had a lot of adjusting too.  This was hard for us. On all sides, I felt so pressed. Financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt abandoned and as a result, I felt like a failure as a mom and like a burden as wife.

It was at this very low point that the Lord moved mightily. Don’t miss this!!! During this Famine Phase, there are untold blessings.  In What Happens When Women Walk in Faith, Lysa describes these blessings perfectly, “Answered prayers, treasures of wisdom, and the peace of God’s provision are waiting for you in this phase. Depending on God brings such joy as I would never know any other way.” (p. 65)

God used my sister-in-law to bring peace to our famine. Christine, heeding the Holy Spirit, invited me to lunch. As we shared a burger, I opened up about all that was troubling me. Instead of offering me trite answers that I really didn’t want to hear, she offered to pray with me and break the bread of scripture. What a gift godly friends are!

Now we all know the Bible has some racy stories that can make some blush. Well, she shared a story from 2 Kings 6 and 7. Honestly, this could be a horror movie. I ask that you take time to read this passage, paying special attention to 6:24-7: 20.

Come and visit me again and find out how the Lord met me in my famine and gave me joy anew!

Click here to read Famine Part 2 https://melissalongval.wordpress.com/2015/04/29/famine-part-2/


6 thoughts on “Famine part 1

  1. These kind of posts are my favorite! I love hearing other people’s testimonies of how God has revealed Himself in their lives. It’s such an encouragement! Thank you for sharing this, Melissa. Can’t wait to see the rest! 🙂


  2. Well this is timely! I’ve been trying to find time to call you. Danya told me last week that she wants me to homeschool her next year and I am so worried about how I can make it happen! I ha net told Bob yet….Really need some honest conversation with you!

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  3. What a gift godly friends are, indeed! I look forward to reading the next part – because what He will do if we trust during a famine phase? Amazing!! I can only imagine the new perspective you were given


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